Racism – What can you do about it? Or what would you?

I watched the theatrical re-enactment of a scene that is, unfortunately, reproduced increasingly and ever more with more violence in our modern societies on every continent.

I’m against racism, homophobia, husbands who beat their wives, careerists who leave father and mother for the benefit of the education of their king-children’s, medicine and chemically lobotomized who castrates the poor mentally ill, euthanasistes who were able to sell this salad that says we have a choice to die without suffering the normal end of life, at the scheduled time and with the assistance of the good doctor Coi.

• I have been rejected by a woman I loved, because she said: «I hate all mens». It’s just another form of racism when a woman puts all men in one basket.

• I have been insulted, treated all the names, just because I had homosexual tendencies. Another form of racism based on the non-observance of fundamental rights.

• I am against husbands who beat their wives, they are Muslim extremists who ignored themselves. This is pure gender racism against women this time. This is probably the oldest kind of racism, which must go back into the story of Adam and Eve, cultural foundation of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

• I am against careerists, these crazy social success addict at all costs, from exceeding their quotas of bonus hunting, who hate welfare recipients, the elderly because they do not pay taxes, people with disabilities because they clog hospitals. They even deny them certain basic tests, such as mammography (here in our beautiful province of Quebec) on the grounds that it requires more preparation time to serve them. Realize that all these people are parasites (see pests) to them.

• I am against this two-tier medicine that favours wealthy, bullying the fundamental rights of the poor, the mentally ill, the infirm and the elderly, because it considers it necessary to prevent them from reproducing, or have become that unnecessary burdens, not the large payload, on that ghost ship that leads the world in the unfathomable abyss of darkness Jovian. (Is that right modernism which have wants us to join? That’s the price to pay for all the new gadgets of the Blessed technology?)

• I am against those who reject the last hours, days, months, years of their lives in the name of preserving their dignity, because life is a gift from heaven (in it), every second added, can become the instant to reach the happiness of full development and, finger touch, the infinite mental clarity that illuminates the whole creation instead of choosing deliberately, through ignorance, absolute nothingness with no return.

Well, the literal translation of the slogan at the end of this video says «Put racism to the right place.» So I wondered … WHERE I would put it and came to my mind the following « places » the trash, the bowl, in the garbage truck with oil changes… And all that did not satisfy me. No, the only place that deserves racism, hatred of the other, this is the sewer, shit with shit, and that’s all … Well then no, no non. The only place deserve hate, racist, homophobic, eugenicists who want to euthanize the disabled, the mentally ill and the elderly, because these morons think they are superior to everyone, to such a degree that they will assume the right to, possibly, when put them in power by example; to decide who will live and who will die.

Do not think that I’m exaggerating. This philosophy is instilled in our society since the dawn of time. At first it was stories of territorial domination, as some wanting to exterminate the other tribe to expand its hunting grounds. Then it was the turn of religions, killing each other, each seeing the devil in the other. Then in time of peace, it was the pseudo-scientific medicine, psychiatrists that took over. Some, had made their study of human behaviour anywhere else but in the Nazi concentration camps where they were able to test, in their own way Pavlov’s theories; Ivan Petrovich of first names, a cruel man that was inspired by the equally famous Nietzsche, who had not only signed the death certificate of God, but claimed, by the sum of his work, having had killed himself. This brilliant brain of our science … that some revere as a god. (Should I write it in uppercase letters? Then it is believed to true that there just about to get to create life.) Heresy.

As good Quebecers, I say Bullshit to these sellers of unhealthy logics because they preach pride to be a quality, as if human beings would be, superior to nature, laws of the universe. Does women and men of our time, need more pride? Married trough business arrangement rather than the sacred yesteryear unions.

Finally, I reach the end of my breast milk production. It always feels good to cry a little, no yelling, just for fun, and respect for the fundamental value of the freedom of expression.

Thank you for reading me

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