Islamization is the greatest current and present threat to all democracies and all mankind.

Islam is not a religion or a cult.

In its fullest form, it is a complete, total system, which includes 100% of the way of life of the people. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social and military.components.

The religious component is the basis of all other components.

The Islamization of a country begins when the number of Muslims, in a given country, is high enough to create the conditions that allow to require religious privileges.

When democratic, tolerant and multicultural countries access the first applications of the Muslims, they take advantage to introduce one or more of the other components listed above.

Here’s how it works.

Less than 2%,

While the Muslim population remains around or less than 2%, Muslims are, for the most part, considered a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens.

This is the case (figures updated in 2009):

• In the United States – Muslim 0.6%
• In Australia – Muslim 1.5%
• Canada – Muslim 1.9%
• In China — Muslim 1.8%
• In Italy – Muslim 1.5%
• In Norway – Muslim 1.8%

From 2% to 5%,

they begin to proselytize from minorities and moderate Muslims,and they massively recruiting in prisons and among the thugs of the cities. This is what happens:

Denmark Muslims 2%
In Germany Muslim 3.7%
In the United Kingdom Muslim 2.7%
In Spain Muslim 4%
In Thailand Muslim 4.6%

Around 5%,

they have a disproportionate influence compared to their number. For example, they will push for the introduction of the halal everywhere where they can, thus providing new jobs to Muslims. This will allow them to increase pressure on supermarket chains to ensure that halal products are listed on their linear – and they become threatening if supermarkets do not conform. This occurs:
• In France – Muslim 8%
• In the Philippines – Muslim 5%
• In Sweden – Muslim 5%
• In Switzerland – Muslims 4.7%
• The Netherlands – Muslim 5.5%
• Trinidad & Tobago – Muslim 5.8%
From this point, they are lobbying to obtain from the Government the possibility of applying Sharia (Islamic law) in their ghettos and minor topics. Recall that the ultimate objective of Islamists is to establish sharia law all over the entire world. (6th Caliphate)

Around 10%,

of the population, they tend to increase acts of rebellion and anarchy to denounce their living conditions. In Paris, we see already burned cars. Any action against Muslims offended islam, and leads to uprisings and threats, as in Amsterdam, with opposition to the Muhammad cartoons and films about islam. These tensions exist every day, especially in Muslim sectors:
• In Guyana – Muslim 10%
• Belgium – Muslim 10%
• Kenya – Muslims 10% •
• In India – Muslim 13.4%
• In Russia – Muslim 15%

From 20%,

and more, the country can expect violent riots for a Yes or a no, the creation of jihadists militias, sporadic killings, and fires of churches and synagogues. This is the case:
• In Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

With 40%,

Muslims nations suffer of large-scale massacres, chronic attacks,and constant struggles between rival militias, as:
In Bosnia Muslim 40%
Chad Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon Muslim 59.7%

From 60%,

non-Muslims (and assimilated Muslims) are victims of widespread persecution, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide). Sharia is used asa weapon, and « jizya », the tax imposed on the « infidels » is implemented, such as:
In Albania Muslim 70%
In Malaysia Muslim 60.4%
Qatar Muslim 77.5%
In Sudan Muslim 70%

When a country reaches 80%, Muslim,

the waves of intimidation and jihad are becoming daily affairs. We are witnessing ethnic cleansing operations organized by the State, and even genocides of State and these nations are hunting the infidels, in order to move towards 100% of Muslims, as this has been tested, and is somehow in the process of completion:
• In Bangladesh – Muslim 83%
• In Egypt – Muslim 90%
• Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
• In Indonesia – Muslim 86.1%
• In Iran – Muslim 98%
• In Iraq – Muslim 97%
• In Jordan – Muslim 92%
• Morocco – Muslim 98.7%
• In Pakistan — Muslim 97%
• In Palestine — Muslim 99%
• In Syria – Muslim 90%
• In Tajikistan – Muslim 90%
• In Turkey – Muslim 99.8%
• In United Arab Emirates – Muslim 96%

100% of Muslims leads – in theory to the peace of « Dares-Salaam » (peace in the House of islam). In theory, since everyone isMuslim. « Madrasahs » is the only schools authorized, and theKoran sets the life of citizens as:

In Afghanistan Muslim 100%
In Saudi Arabia Muslim 100%
Somalia Muslim 100%
Yemen Muslim 100%
Unfortunately, in these countries 100% Muslim, peace is never reached, because the most radical Islamists vomit hatred and satisfy their thirst for blood by killing the less radical Muslims, or for various reasons.
Before having nine years, I learned the basic rules of lifeMohammedan. It was me against my brother; my brother and against our father, my family against my cousins and the clan against the tribe against the world, and we all against the infidels.Leon Uris, The Haj.
 It is important to understand that in some countries, even with less than 100% of Muslim populations, as in France, in Great Britain, Germany etc the Muslim minority live in ghettos, where they are in fact nearly 100% of Muslims, and in which they live virtually under Shariah’s law. The national police is even not entering these ghettos. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate in society. Children learn only the Koran. In these ghettos, even to associate with an infidel (non-Muslim) is a crime punishable by death. Therefore, in areas of several countries that do not have 100% of Muslims, imams and the fundamentalists exert more powers than the majority of Muslims in the country.
Today, 1.6 billion Muslims represent 22% of the world population.But their birth rate overrides that of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists,Jews (except Israel), and that of all other believers and non-believers. Therefore Muslims will exceed 50% of the world‘spopulation by the end of this century.
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